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 Hot-water from photovoltaics

Electricity is the energy carrier of the future!
Not only in cars, even for heat.

With the ELWA products you can use solar power at its best. Generate heat. Simple, efficient and sustainable.
The system uses solar power for water heating in a boiler and optimises the energy consumption of the household with professional controls.

Four choices for your individual solution

As an autonomous solution ELWA completely replaces the conventional heating system in summer. When grid-connected ELWA only uses the excess solar power and raises the self-consumption ratio from 30% to 89%. The systems are designed for your individual needs and can be used in all residential projects.

Hot-water-excess-utilisation in photovoltaic storage systems

Again a very simple solution: Using excess with the flexible controllable AC ELWA-E.
With the AC ELWA-E you can use PV-excess for water heating, e.g. after a battery is fully loaded, and raise your self-consumption ratio to nearly 100%.

AC ELWA E Systempartner EN 170912

Hot-water in off-grid PV-systems

And another more: Excess in AC off-grid PV-systems can now be used easily with AC ELWA-F.
Previously, excess energy was completely lost when batteries were loaded. With the AC ELWA-F you use it for hot-water.
You reach a far better system utilization.

Use the excess solar-electricity

The ingeniously simple excess-management-solution from my-PV!
With the AC ELWA you can upgrade new or existing PV-systems without any problems - and raise your self-consumption up to 89%.
Excess power is simply used in your boiler or storage tank. Without expensive storage batteries!

Convince yourself about the advantages of our solution: Hot-water + electricity in one system!

Autonomous hot-water with photovoltaics: the patented ELWA

Hot-water with photovoltaics is a new technology. It was possible because of the enourmous decline in prices of PV-modules. We have recognized this trend early and patented the idea. In contrast to conventional solar-heat-systems there is no closed loop with liquid, but cables that carry the energy from the modules to the boiler.There is the ELWA, our invention. It is mounted in the boiler and heats up the water. There is no need for pipings and pumps. Problems with frost and steaming collectors are now things of the past. It is much more simple and cost efficient.

The products of the ELWA-family are developed and produced in Austria.
Trust in quality Made in Austria.