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We get the best out of your photovoltaic system!

Your photovoltaic system can do much more than just generating electricity: take advantage of the many possibilities to make much more out of your own energy!

Simply use your photovoltaic electricity yourself instead of feeding it into the public power grid: Power generation, water heating, heating as well as the charging option for an e-car – with this combination you are your complete energy provider.

With our products, you can use the energy you generate yourself – directly and without any detours. And the best thing about it? You save costs in the long run and protect the environment!

How to cut down costs?

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my-PV Referenzprojekt ELWA


Hot water with the sun in Germany

The sun sends no bill: Thanks to ELWA, the sun provides hot water at no cost, even in the German Harz region.

my-PV PV Einspeiseoptimierung mit Warmwasserspeichern


Do smart meters miscount in the context of self-consumption optimizations?

Do smart meters miscount in the context of self-consumption optimizations? We identify products that lead to inaccuracies.

Neuer Kompatibilitätspartner für my-PV Produkte


Three new compatible manufacturers for my-PV products

With over 60 compatible manufacturers, we are pleased to announce the addition of three more names to our list.

Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR im netzfernen System


The AC•THOR in off-grid operation

A British customer enhances his energy independence by optimizing his off-grid PV system with the AC•THOR.

Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR in Neuenkirchen


Photovoltaic heat during the gas crisis

In a semi-detached house in Münsterland, the AC•THOR from my-PV supports a condensing boiler with the power of the sun.

my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien


AC•THOR: Electricity meets relaxation

A Belgian homeowner heats up his outdoor-jacuzzi in an environmentally friendly way with the AC•THOR.


Control and monitor hot water and heating

with the my-PV Cloud

In addition to our products, with our data cloud you can always keep an eye on your heat generation. The my-PV Cloud allows you to track your ecological and low-cost heat generation – in real time.

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