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Opening event on Sept. 30, 2021 at 7 p.m.

We are growing!

More space for expansion for our great team. The first solar-electric company building in Austria will be set up in our home municipality of Sierning. At the new location in Sierning, our new company building with production and storage area, an R&D department, office space and reception and training area will be built on about 2,600 m². The new premises will increase our production capacity fivefold.

"We have already been able to achieve continuous growth in recent years. However, the trend towards more sustainability, security and self-sufficiency, which has been intensified by current events, has now accelerated this development enormously. Despite Corona-related restrictions, we have been able to double our sales compared to the previous period!", explains Gerhard Rimpler, CEO.

A total of two million euros is being invested in the new company location. The special thing about it is the inverted concept: We are building the "outer shell" around the photovoltaic modules, whose dimensions dictate the design of the building. A total of 300 solar modules with around 100 kWp will be installed on the monopitch roof as well as on the facade in south, east and west orientation.

"Such an undertaking has never been seen before in Austria. We are ahead of our time and set new trends," says Sales Manager Markus Gundendorfer.

We set new standards in building! Our new company building will be a showcase of how solar-electric energy supply looks and works. The solar-electric building technology will be visibly installed in the building: This makes our products a live showroom in real operation.

Key data

  • 858 m² building area

  • 300 solar modules supply us with electricity and heat

  • 2.000.000 € investment

  • Planned construction period: 01/2021 - 08/2021Presse

Drone video - progress of the company building

News about our company's construction progress: a new drone video shows that the first PV modules and the windows have already been integrated into the new building. In the short video clip you can see how quickly the lightweight timber construction has given the building the necessary height. As a result, the interior work and the roof and facade work could also be started quickly. In the meantime, the photovoltaic modules have been mounted on the roof and the windows have been installed in the building.

In the next weeks we will start with the exterior design, the construction of the parking lot (of course without sealing the ground) and the facade will be further covered with photovoltaic modules and wooden parts. For more information watch our video. 

Thermo-active building system: Think first, then build!

A successful thermo-active building system for our new solar-electric company building demands to have fixed the building services already in the early planning phase.

A solar-electric building requires storage mass to be able to optimally use the daily variation of solar energy. "Thermo-active building system" is the crucial keyword. This must already be taken into account in the early conception phase of the building services planning.

Watch our video to know more about it! As the vidoe is in German, please activate the English subtitle.

Current impressions

How it looks like on our construction site and how far the construction progress is? Current pictures of the emerging solar-electric company building:


The latest press releases on the new building can be found here:

Press release October 2021:

my-PV opens Austria's first solar-electric company building

The expert for solar-electric heat generation my-PV has opened its new headquarters after a construction period of only seven months. In its new building in Neuzeug, the Austrian manufacturer is pursuing its “cables instead of pipes” concept and setting standards in solar-electric heat supply.

>> Show entire press release

Press release April 2021:

Save up to 67 percent on operating costs in commercial buildings

my-PV uses photovoltaic power for thermal building component activation. Solar company my-PV has developed a solar-power system using thermal concrete-core activation in commercial buildings: An electric underfloor heating system releases excess solar energy as heat to the building foundation. Thanks to this storage concept, my-PV utilizes saving operating costs.

>> Show entire press release

Press release March 2021:

Forward-looking building concept: my-PV builds solar-electric operations building

The photovoltaic heat experts from my-PV are setting new trends in the construction of the future company site in Sierning. For the new building, a production and company building will be designed and implemented as a solar-electric house for the first time. Production and storage areas, offices, training rooms and a department for research and development are being created on an area of around 2,600 square meters.

>> Show entire press realease (German)

Press release November 2020:

my-PV sets standards in solar construction.

New company building to be completely solar-electrically supplied.
The expert for solar-electric heat generation my-PV started the construction of a new company building in Sierning (Upper Austria) at the beginning of November. On two floors and with 900 square meters of floor space, the two-million-euro project offers enough room for further expansion. With the new building, my-PV is setting standards in solar construction and solar-electric energy supply.

>> Show entire press realease (German)

Press release October 2020:

my-PV continues to grow: multi-million investment at Sierning site
While in many companies the future prospects are currently assessed as gloomy and risky, the photovoltaic heat specialists of my-PV set a clear sign for optimism and confidence. Thus in Sierning for two million euro the new firm location is established, at which in the medium term 35 new jobs will develop. 

>> Show entire press release (German)


Solar Electric Buildings GmbH is constructing a new company building on a plot of land in Sierning, into which my-PV GmbH will rent. This is a new type of building concept in which products of my-PV GmbH can be used for the building services and thus the entire building can be used as a "showroom".

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information on IWB/EFRE, please visit www.efre.gv.at.



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