my-PV was founded in 2011 by Gerhard Rimpler and Markus Gundendorfer, two former executives of a solar inverter manufacturer. Many years of experience, idealism, tenacity, innovative spirit and professionalism are the recipe for success that has since become a significant high-tech company.


Gerhard Rimpler

Dr. Gerhard Rimpler

"Hot water and space heating directly from PV - it's that simple"

Gerhard Rimpler is the "mastermind" of my-PV products with 24 years of international experience in the solar industry. In addition to management positions in solar electronics, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of Oekostrom AG for many years. He also managed a solar collector manufacturer and thus knows solar thermal systems well. In addition to his technical expertise, he holds a doctorate in business administration.


Markus Gundendorfer

Ing. Markus Gundendorfer

"Idealism, innovative spirit and professionalism bring us an annual growth rate of 50%"

Markus Gundendorfer has been in the PV industry for 26 years and worked as an inverter developer, project manager and product line manager. Since 2012, he has been responsible for sales at my-PV. Due to his many years of industry affiliation, he has a very good network and knows the market customs.


The success story

2011 Founded as a system vendor for photovoltaic components.
2012 Start of a research project in the field of storage technology.
2013 Market launch of ELWA, a patented product for "hot water from photovoltaics".
2015 Market launch of the AC model AC ELWA, which converts excess electricity from grid-connected photovoltaic systems into heat.
2016 Market introduction of the AC ELWA-E, a hot water solution compatible with many manufacturers.
2017 Presentation of the AC•THOR with the concept of using PV energy for the entire building installation.
2018 my-PV first on television (German)
2019 AC•THOR 9s, our linear powered photovoltaic power manager, is launched in 2019.
2020 In June my-PV receives the internationally recognized quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.
2021 Building of a new headquarter


Today, we go one step further beyond the provision of hot water and also make space heating solar-electric. At first sceptical, this idea is more and more successful. "Cable instead of pipes" became a trademark for our innovations.

With growth rates of 50% per year, we are very successful in the market. International sales in Europe and now also outside are the logical consequence. While many are still fighting for subsidies for photovoltaics, we offer affordable, cost-effective concepts for the use of solar power.

Our vision: "Cables instead of pipes ", integration of photovoltaics into building installation.


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