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keep yourself informed about new product developments to provide the best solutions to your customers. Then you are perfectly right here.

Hot water and space heating from photovoltaics are technically mature, proven systems that enable simple building installation and cost-effective solutions. This gives you the trust to build reliable systems with little efforts.


Expand your business opportunities

hakerl Along with your existing PV systems portfolio, you can offer your customers additional options to use self-generated electricity. Hot water and even space heating are great deal to expand your scope of supply. This is, economically, a great advantage for your customers at today's and future expected feed-in tariffs.
hakerl If you offer PV system to your customers, don´t forget to add these forms of energy use and you will be perceived as an attentive and innovative specialist.
hakerl Not only plumbers can offer our hot water products. Also as an electrician you can supply products and services in this area.


Tip Especially the use of PV power for electric space heating opens up completely new business areas for you.


How do we support you?

hakerl We constantly offer webinars for you: no matter if basic (free) or advanced.
hakerl We are also happy to receive tips for other webinar topics from you. "Authorized partners" receive leads of interested end customers (in accordance with GDPR)
hakerl We are happy to inform you about news concerning hot water and photovoltaic space heating (market developments, products, wiring diagrams, etc.).


More details on our products: ELWA , AC-ELWA-E , AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s


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