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As a professional, you constantly keep yourself informed about new product developments in order to be able to offer your customers the best solutions. Especially the last years have brought a lot of movement into the market in the field of home automation and its ecological implementation.

Today, hot water and heating with photovoltaics are technically mature, tried and tested systems that enable simple home automation and cost-effective solutions. This gives you the security of building reliable building services systems with little planning lead time.

Expand your business opportunities with solar power and my-PV

  • You can offer your customers an additional use for existing PV systems. Not only electricity, but also hot water and space heating are possible.

  • With a new PV system, you can offer your customers space heating and hot water right from the start and thus be perceived as an innovative and future-oriented craftsman.

  • Not only gas-water-heating installers can offer our products. As an electrical installer, you can also offer your customers products and services in this area.

Do you find yourself thinking that you are already working at full capacity and sometimes even have to turn down customers because you have too many projects to handle? 

We understand that and we are glad that you enjoy such a good workload. Nevertheless: The market is not sleeping and the ecological change is also clearly noticeable here. Photovoltaics is the energy generation form of the future - don't miss this fact at all!

Satisfied customers? Satisfied partners!

Take a look at what experiences our customers have already had with my-PV products.

The Stöger family was able to significantly increase their PV self-consumption and minimize their heating expenses.


For their 150 m2 single-family home, a family of three from Upper Austria paid 750 euros in annual operating costs for electricity, hot water and space heating.

Hot water has been provided by the AC-THOR 9s since installation, and the gas boiler could be switched off completely.

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How my-PV supports you as a reseller

  • Offer your customers what they want: Simple, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions that also protect the environment.

  • To achieve this, we offer reliable products that enable you to complete construction sites quickly and competently.

  • We want to become your partner for future-oriented projects, which is why we offer you easily communicable information material to support your sales.

  • With the help of our webinars, you can quickly and easily gain the knowledge you need to expand your business, whether it's basics, advanced knowledge or partner seminars.

  • Our Info Center offers you a wide variety of information, such as operating manuals, schematics, product data sheets, technical documentation or even frequently asked questions.

  • Finally, we offer dedicated and helpful customer service that you can call even if you're already on the job site!

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Innovative products for your sustainable business expansion


Use solar power only for hot water



Use solar power for hot water and maximise your self-consumption



Hot water and possibly also heating - it's not a must - with solar power



Hot water and heating with solar power thought big


my-PV WiFi Meter

Surplus from your photovoltaic system recorded quickly and precisely


my-PV WiFi Meter

Immersion Heater

With the AC•THOR  the easiest way to more self-consumption

Immersion Heater




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We at my-PV get more out of photovoltaics than just electricity, we move your building technology into the future. Use your solar power yourself instead of feeding it into the public grid: Electricity, hot water, heating and charging options for your e-car. With our products, you can use your self-generated photovoltaic electricity for your own needs without any detours. This way, you save costs in the long term and act environmentally friendly!



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