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Hot water and space heating from photovoltaics

Hot water and heating from photovoltaics are new. Historically, electricity was frowned upon as the source of heat. Too valuable, too expensive, too much CO2 ... But that was yesterday. The basis is electricity from photovoltaics, which now costs less than half compared to electricity from the grid. With our technology, you can use self-produced electricity to a high degree and thus save costs on investment and operation.

Read more about about hot water from photovoltaics or space heating from photovoltaics.


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When should you think about it?

When purchasing a photovoltaic system

With our products, you have the opportunity to support hot water heating and possibly even your space heating in addition to the usual use of self-generated electricity for home appliances and lighting.

You already own a photovoltaic system and would like to use even more electricity yourself

With PV power much more than just the supply of household appliances and light is possible. Use electricity additionally for hot water and space heating.

You already own a photovoltaic system and would like to renew the heating system in your house or renovate the entire building

In this case, it is particularly interesting to reconsider the hot water production and the traditional heating system in order to use PV power.

For electric underfloor heating, the screed does not have to be removed - the mats are simply placed under the floor covering!

You want to build a new house and look for a cost-effective, economical building installation

You have perfect conditions for efficient use of PV power. You can expect up to 30% savings in investment and operating costs. Due to the enormous reduction of the boiler room additional costs are saved.


Tip Man is a creature of habit - even the electrician or plumber of your trust cannot know all the novelties in the market. If he needs more information, please give him our contact details!



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