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Advantage through know-how

As a property developer, planner or energy consultant, you will keep your edge by knowing and using state-of-the-art and cost-effective building technology.

You should look at hot water and space heating from photovoltaics. The ability to generate hot water directly in residential units, distribution losses on the ringmains are completely eliminated. Hygiene regulations are fulfilled easier.

This makes cost-effective, simple and reliable building installation feasible. And all this comes with the additional benefit of using renewable energy!


Why our products?

hakerl Affordable housing is becoming more and more of an issue. The combination of PV and our products allows you to save up to 30% on your investment and operating costs in your projects.
hakerl Due to the decentralized use of PV energy by means of our water heaters, there are no distribution losses and significantly lower maintenance costs compared to conventional, centrally installed systems.
hakerl Use of electric water heating and space heating saves significantly on costs and space requirements.


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How do we support you?

hakerl We always offer basics and special webinars on hot water and space heating in residential construction - "cables instead of pipes". We are also happy to develop special webinars tailored to your needs.
hakerl Standard programs for the calculation of e.g. energy certificates often do not fully reflect our innovations. We support you in your projects with various simulations and energy calculations. Just contact us.
hakerl For presentations or lectures at events, we are also happy to help. Request our lecture reference list.


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