May 19, 2020

◼ 200,000 new jobs through photovoltaic expansion

Velog News

According to a recent Greenpeace study, a rapid expansion of photovoltaics in Austria could create around 200,000 new, sustainable jobs by 2030.


In addition to achieving the government's planned expansion targets, economic stimulus programmes with a "green" design could act as a motor for a modern, sustainable, climate-friendly and socially just economy. Particularly in the already very tense situation caused by the Covid 19 effects, a genuine, rapidly implemented energy turnaround would therefore be gratifying in several respects.


The Austrian Photovoltaic Industry Association (PVA) has also repeatedly called for a tenfold increase in photovoltaic output in order to achieve 100 percent renewable energy supply within the next ten years. Instead of importing fossil fuels, it would be better to invest in the expansion of renewable energy sources and thus in the domestic economy. This will also require the promotion of small photovoltaic systems by the Climate and Energy Fund and sufficient funding.



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