January 20, 2020

◼ Consumption of heating oil increased in 2019

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Despite all political efforts ...

The latest "success report" of the Austrian Petroleum Industry Association once again shows how far apart the energy turnaround announced by politicians and reality are. At the end of the year, the interest group for fossil fuels announced that the consumption of heating oil in 2019 had risen from 1.07 million tonnes to 1.1 million tonnes compared to the previous period. This shows once again that the measures taken to date are not sufficient to achieve a renunciation of the climate-damaging fuels.

"The ban on oil heating in new buildings is in fact only symbolic in character. No rationally calculating person would buy itself today with the existing alternatives still another oil heating," stresses Dr. Gerhard Rimpler. For the PV pioneer, the focus of efforts would have to be placed more on the old systems in operation. "Here it is necessary to create framework conditions that make a rapid switch to sustainable forms of energy attractive."





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