January 17, 2020

◼ EU banks on "Green Deal"

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With the "Green Deal" the EU has prescribed an ambitious program for the member states ...

By the year 2050 the confederation of states is to become climate-neutral. This means for all members to quickly switch to renewable energies. With a clever mix of solar energy, wind power, biomass and hydropower, the energy turnaround necessary for a real climate change is to be achieved.

Solar energy is of particular importance in this context. Unlike wind power, the use of solar energy enjoys broad acceptance among the population. The technology is proven, safe and is becoming increasingly cheaper. And the use of powerful PV systems can not only have a positive impact on the climate and the economy, but will also offer new opportunities for electricity customers. For environmental organisations, for example, it is considered certain that the cost of generating electricity from solar energy will continue to fall, making it an absolutely competitive alternative.





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