January 11, 2021

◼  my-PV.LIVE data cloud explained

Velog News

New video about the all in one portal available. Learn how to keep an overview at every time of your own photovoltaic electricity and the distribution of it.

my-PV.LIVE is the analysis tool for skilled crafts or for private persons, which summarizes products of various manufacturers and prepares them attractively in curves for remote monitoring.

The portal offers daily, monthly or annual evaluations and views for users, in which the excess of the photovoltaic system as well as the use of the electricity of the photovoltaic system can be viewed. The temperature development of the hot water or the heating, the amount of grid feed-in from the own photovoltaic system as well as the grid purchase from the public grid are clearly prepared by the intelligent portal.

Curious now? You can get a first glimpse of what this intelligent all-in-one data portal from my-PV looks like via demo access. The systems are of course in real operation and therefore currently show the yields and possible uses during the cold season. The data protection compliant processing or use of the plants is of course given!

Learn more about the my-PV.LIVE data cloud in our brand new video:




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