March 30, 2020

◼ my-PV products in the Antarctica in operation

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AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s provide hot water and space heating at the South Pole


The Belgian polarbase Princess Elisabethin Antarctica was the first (and still is the only) station that is powered completely by renewable energy. This non-profit foundation set itself the aim of establishing the first completely carbon-neutral polar base. This is because pure diesel operation is harmful to the environment and very expensive due to the long transport distances for fuel.

To regulate the energy excess from sun and wind, the station engineers implemented the several AC•THOR units which can linearly use all electricity surplus to heat up large buffer tanks and spaces. The stored hot water is used to melt snow, which is necessary as vital drinking water for the station crew and scientists. The same principle is used to melt snow for showers and kitchen use. >> Click here for the reference project


>> Press release April 06, 2020


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