March 24, 2022

New distributor in Italy

my-PV GmbH

With Memodo, a strong wholesaler has now also become active with our products on the Italian market - the second strongest energy storage market in Europe.


Memodo is the largest distributor of energy storage systems in Germany. The aim is not only to remain this way in Germany, but also to implement or achieve this in other growing markets. Therefore, with the growing distribution network in Europe, Memodo has the same goal for Italy. According to the "European Market Outlook for Residential Battery Storage 2021-2025", Italy, which ranks second, thus offers the best conditions for the European battery storage market behind Germany.

This shows that the energy storage market is also important and can thus be complemented with photovoltaic heat storage systems. An AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s as well as the AC ELWA-E offer, in addition to battery storage, the possibility to supply the heat sector with photovoltaic surpluses. The favorable alternative to the still financially often expensive energy storage systems (ESS) offers a good opportunity to save electricity costs even without a battery system.

You can find a general overview of our many compatibility partners and the sources of supply here.




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