April 6, 2021

◼  Recorded with SMA

Velog News

The new webinar from my-PV and SMA shows the numerous advantages of storing energy and increasing self-consumption with the joint solutions.

The load peaks, which are outside the period when a lot of electricity is produced from the own photovoltaic system, can often only be partially avoided. When the washing machine or the dryer is switched on can be controlled to some extent.

But fluctuations in production can also occur during the day due to shading or similar. Therefore, it is important to increase the self-consumption or stabilize the load peaks. And to use the excess photovoltaic energy, which would normally be fed to the grid, so the energy to consume in the house.

The advantage of the combination of SMA and my-PV products is that also a minimal amount of excess power can be used for heating appliances like hot water preparation. There are two ways to control the my-PV solutions by SMA. One has the advantage of the integration into Sunny Home Managers logic, the other one has the advantage of very fast and accurate power control. With SMA products the my-PV Power Meter is thus not necessary, which saves installation costs. Furthermore, our products work well and efficiently with or without battery.

Whether with the SMA Energy Meter or the SMA Home Manager, the AC ELWA-E, the AC-THOR and the AC-THOR 9s are compatible in all combinations.


For more information, watch the webinar recording:




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