September 2, 2020

Reference project: ELWA in Australia in operation

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ELWA provides hot water in a family home in Austral/NSW.


Since July 2019, Christine Yumul and her family are saving 2,281 kWh of electricity per year, this equates to AU$659*/year (400 Euro) savings. 92% of the water in the tank is been heated by solar PV panels, which means that Christine only spends AU$59/year (36 Euro) on electricity for hot water! In addition, SC20 eliminates the need for plumbing, pumps, pipe heat losses and maintenance, as is the case of other solar thermal hot water systems.
The solar irradiation of the site is comparable to that of southern Spain. Accordingly, the European version of the device named "ELWA" offers just as much potential on the old continent as SC20 in Australia. In Central Europe, solar coverage rates of 50 to 70% are possible for a four-person household.

* Based on Sydney domestic electricity tariff as at July 2020 of AU$0.289/kWh


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