May 26, 2021

◼  Reference with Huawei in Bavaria

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A good feeling when the sun shines: this is how the owner of a single-family house describes his sustainable hot water production with a photovoltaic system.


The single-family home, located in the Bad Kissingen district in Bavaria, Germany, has a 9.9 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof and a 1,000-liter buffer tank. Thanks to the AC•THOR 9s, the water in the buffer tank can be heated during the day using excess electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system. The advantage for the owners? During the summer months, the pellet boiler is thus out of operation, as the photovoltaic heat is absolutely sufficient.

Since the usual heating rods for heating the water in the buffer tank were not used, the planner resorted to an electrothermal hydraulic unit from Tuxhorn. The AC•THOR 9s ensures the precise power modulation of the electric heat generators: Only through this infinitely variable photovoltaic power manager can the excess solar power from the roof, which is subject to permanent changes, be used to heat the water in the buffer tank.

The AC•THOR 9s receives the excess information directly from the Huawei inverter and the meter connected to it at the grid access point.

The homeowner from Bavaria is happy with this solution: "The sun is shining - the energy of the sun heats the water in the buffer tank. And it all runs automatically! That's just a good feeling." >> To the reference project (in German)


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