June 9, 2021

◼ SolarEdge video tutorial

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Transferring excess information through SolarEdge to an AC•THOR or the AC ELWA-E? It's easy with our new video with instructions!

Regardless of the manufacturer: When controlled by an inverter, a feed-in meter is always required in the system, because otherwise the query of the inverter does not provide any data.

This is of course also the case with the SolarEdge inverter. In order for it to receive the necessary information about the surplus from the photovoltaics, simply select "Solar Edge Manual" and enter the IP address.

What else is important to know is explained in the video by our my-PV trainer Reinhard Hofstätter. As the video is in German, please activate the English subtitles.



Of course, we are not only compatible with SolarEdge. In the list, which is constantly expanding, you will find all compatible manufacturers of my-PV.

In addition to this video tutorial, you will also find numerous other helps and explanations in our download area or on our YouTube channel.


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