November 25, 2019

Uninterrupted PV boom in Spain

Velog News

PV systems have increased tenfold.

In Spain, photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 60 GW received grid access at the end of August and are now awaiting regional feed-in approval. This is the result of data from the central Spanish transmission grid operator Red Electrica de España. The sum of the new systems is ten times the current PV level in the country. Currently, 5.3 GW are in operation. Most of the approved solar systems are in a waiting position in Andalusia (13.9 GW), Castile-Leon (7.9 GW), Castile-La Mancha (7.1 GW) and Extremadura (6.8 GW). Further projects with a total of 50 GW were still in the approval process of the electricity grid operator at the end of August. There was a rejection for systems with a total of 32 GW.


Wind power is also enjoying unbroken popularity in Spain: at the end of August, projects with a capacity of 23.6 GW had a grid access permit but had not yet been installed. They double the level of all wind turbines installed in Spain.



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