October 29, 2020

◼  We are building a new headquarter!

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An investment of millions in the home community: my-PV builds a new headquarter.


How necessary and right the investment decision was is not only proven by the development in the current business year. "We have already been able to achieve continuous growth in recent years. However, the trend towards more sustainability, security and self-sufficiency, which has been reinforced by current events, has now accelerated this development enormously", explains company boss Dr. Gerhard Rimpler. "Despite Corona-related restrictions, we have been able to double our sales compared to the previous period!

The previous capacities at the current company location are limited and no longer suffice to cover the future order volume. It was therefore a logical step to look for suitable alternatives.


Key data on the location

"And we have done this quite deliberately close to the previous location so that we do not lose any employees. We were determined to retain the current successful team, which is, after all, largely responsible for this pleasing development.”

At the new location in Sierning, the new company building with production and storage area, an R&D department, office areas and reception and training area is being built on an area of around 2600 m². Due to the new location our production capacity will increase fivefold.
A total of two million euros will be invested in the new company location. In the middle term, this will also create 35 new jobs.



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