November 23, 2021

We are compatible with SolaX

my-PV GmbH

SolaX is another compatible inverter and battery manufacturer added to our products. The compatibility has been thoroughly tested in the new laboratory.


The manufacturer of high-quality but low-priced inverters has recently become compatible with our products. We have convinced ourselves of this in the new laboratory at our solar-electric company location.

my-PV devices can not only be used in combination with SolaX inverters, but there is also the possibility of combining them with a SolaX battery storage. This is certified by us as manufacturer.

It is possible to connect via RS485: This results in the compatibility with SolaX hybrid inverters however of the generation 4. From my-PV the AC•THOR or the AC•THOR 9s are compatible with the solutions and products of SolaX, but not the AC ELWA-E.


The advantage?

A particular advantage for customers is that the compatibility of my-PV and SolaX means that customers do not need additional products, e.g. a my-PV Power Meter is not required to query the excess power. In this way, the currently available surplus can simply be queried directly by the SolaX controller, whereby the exact value is then used for water heating or for space heating. This way the customer saves even more by using his own PV system.





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