February 17, 2022

We donate hot water

my-PV GmbH

For SV Sierning, the local soccer club in our home municipality, we have sponsored our hot water solution by photovoltaic power - with enormous success in solar coverage!


Warm water demand mainly in summer or in the months with good photovoltaic yields, a high warm water demand in quite fixed intervals and little own use of the photovoltaic system during the week: these are the perfect conditions for a solar-electric implementation of the hot water supply.

This is exactly how the local soccer club, SV Sierning, has implemented hot water generation since September 2021. And this with a sponsoring by my-PV, because the AC•THOR 9s was provided by us free of charge for this purpose.

With the 15 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of the tribune, sufficient yield from the sun can be expected, so that the excess from the photovoltaic system does not have to be unprofitable only to feed into the power grid, but can be used directly on site. Adapting the 1,000 liter buffer storage tank for loading with photovoltaic heat and thus saving cash and relieving the environment works, because the existing gas boiler must be used much less frequently. In this way, not only the hot water is produced photovoltaically for most of the year, but also the water-based heating of the building is supported.

How exactly the project was implemented with the M7 operating mode in combination with a heating pump can be read here.




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