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my-PV.LIVE Cloud

Hot water and heating control and monitoring

With the my-PV.LIVE Cloud, you can always keep an eye on your heat production, whether you are a private customer, a specialist retailer or you are working for a housing association. Connection is possible with the following of our grid-connected devices: AC ELWA-E, AC•THOR und AC•THOR 9s.
The data cloud my-PV.LIVE allows you to track your ecological and low-cost heat production in real-time.

What is my-PV.LIVE?

What advantages it offers and what possibilities it provides for you - you can find out in our video.
The short introduction also gives you a quick overview of how easy it is to integrate your devices into the my-PV.LIVE data cloud. As the video is in German just activate the English subtitles on youtube.

All information in one overview

The data cloud my-PV.LIVE displays the energy consumption as a daily, monthly or annual value. In the clearly arranged views, you can see everything in detail, whether you are an end user or an installer:

  • Yield of the photovoltaic system
  • Use of the electricity from the photovoltaic system
  • Temperature development of the hot water or heating
  • Amount of the grid feed-in from the photovoltaic system 
  • Amount of the net cover

Depending on the acquisition of the measured variables, the performance of an inverter, a battery storage, an EV charging station or the power consumption of the heat pump can also be visualised as an option.

The remote maintenance capability of the new cloud saves costs.
Professionals can adjust settings remotely and do not have to go to the customer's site.


  • Tracking system performance from anywhere and at any time

  • Monitoring options for the installer or developer

  • Remote settings possible at any time

Demo access - take a look right away!

What can you expect from my-PV.LIVE? Click through the current Real-Time data of different installations and devices with a demo access. Try out how precise the data recording is through clear charts and how easy and uncomplicated it is to keep an overview of your or your customers' data.

Demo Access

Register quickly and easily for my-PV.LIVE Data Cloud

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We at my-PV get more out of photovoltaics than just electricity, we move your building technology into the future. Use your solar power yourself instead of feeding it into the public grid: Electricity, hot water, heating and charging options for your e-car. With our products, you can use your self-generated photovoltaic electricity for your own needs without any detours. This way, you save costs in the long term and act environmentally friendly!



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