April 20, 2021

◼  AC•THOR / AC•THOR 9s Firmware a0020410 changes

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The new AC•THOR / AC•THOR 9s firmware a0020410 has been released. Learn more about it in our article.

Support: AC•THOR / AC•THOR 9s Firmware a0020410 changes

  • All signal sources, including those that were previously only selectable via the web interface, can now be set on the display.
  • The frequency mode is no longer a separate operating mode. Instead, frequency control can be selected as a signal source. Thus, the operating modes M1 to M7 can now be used in AC off-grid systems.
  • A firmware update on a unit in "M8 frequency mode" automatically switches it to "M1 hot water" operating mode and "frequency" is set as the signal source.
  • New signal source "Fronius Gen24 Manual" added.
  • Correction for operating mode M7. The PWM output signal works correctly again.
  • The heat pump operating mode M4 can now also be used if no meter value is known at the feed-in point. The power specifications, e.g. via Modbus TCP, are sufficient information for the control.
  • The combination with charging columns from KEBA and Eaton is now also possible if no meter value is known at the feed-in point. The power specifications, e.g. via Modbus TCP, are sufficient as information for the control.
  • Further information here: Keba /  Eaton (German)
  • Optimising the data connection with my-PV.LIVE
  • Here you will find the latest operating instructions
Tip NOTE: To install this firmware on units already delivered, please send us the 16-digit serial number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will be happy to activate the update for you!


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