September 4, 2020

Cities and communities should supply more solar energy

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 Nine out of ten Germans are for more photovoltaic systems on public and commercial buildings.


If the majority of the German population has its way, more photovoltaic systems should be installed on the roofs of public and commercial buildings. At least that is what 88 percent stated in a survey by the opinion research institute Prolytics on behalf of the German Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW). According to BDEW, cities and municipalities in particular should set a good example by using available land for solar power production. 68 percent of those surveyed also think that photovoltaic systems should be mandatory for new commercial buildings.


Plans for a photovoltaic obligation

Considerations to make photovoltaic systems a condition for new buildings in particular are becoming more and more common in Germany. Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven have already decided to expand into solar cities, and Baden-Württemberg and Berlin are working on similar plans.





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