July 9, 2020

◼ CT clamps new in our product range

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CT clamps for my-PV Power Meter.


Self-consumption systems are becoming bigger and bigger. For this reason, we have extended our product range to include special sizes of CT clamps for my-PV Power Meter.

What exactly does a CT clamp do?

A CT clamp measures the current flowing through the wire. It is installed around the phase at the grid feed-in point. my-PV Power Meter contains as standard three 60A transformers, which are sometimes too small due to the ever-increasing power of self-consumption systems. 

New in our product range:

- CT Clamp 100 A for my-PV Power Meter / 3 pieces in a set for the 3 phases in the house

- CT Clamp 200 A for my-PV Power Meter / 3 pieces in a set for the 3 phases in the house


Instructions for correct commissioning can be found here:

CT clamps settings

my-PV Power Meter Operation Manual



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