March 8, 2022

Heating with the sun

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Operating the hydraulically controlled heating system with photovoltaic surpluses alone, no firing of the biomass heating system necessary until mid-November.


A renovated single-family house with approx. 190 m² has a 35 kWp photovoltaic system integrated on the roof and in the facade. With the abundant excess from the yields of the photovoltaic system, two large heat storage tanks (buffer storage) are heated during the day with the own photovoltaic power via two 9 kW screw-in heaters.

With the thereby stored yields, so much heat is available that even until mid-November no additional conventional heating was needed. The single-family house, which is divided over two floors, is heated for the family of 5 solely with the power of the sun, in an environmentally friendly and ecological manner.

Advantage for the customer

Since summer, the AC•THOR 9s has been in use in a new operating mode. This allows the intelligent and stepless photovoltaic power manager to supply 18 kW with surplus - it can regulate 9 kW steplessly, the second heating rod is switched on as soon as sufficient surplus is available for it.

Thus, the heating capacity can be doubled with only one device. By shortening the heating period, the owner Markus Stöger saves a large amount of wood and thus some costs. Also additionally free premises by reduced wood storage are created in such a way. Thanks to photovoltaic heat from my-PV, the heating season for the Stöger family has now been reduced to the months of December and January!

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