January 11, 2021

◼  my-PV expands compatibility with SMA

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Excess peaks can thus be used much faster and more precisely for heat generation.


The control of the AC•THOR or the AC ELWA-E by the Home Manager from SMA is very proven. Besides increase of the photovoltaic self-consumption rate, it also offers the advantage of a superordinate energy planning. In addition to the grid feed-in power, the Home Manager also takes forecast operating states into account when controlling the loads and battery charging.

As an alternative to this type of control, the latest device firmware for the my-PV solutions now also allows "direct meter communication" to be selected. This is possible with the SMA Home Manager as well as with the SMA Energy Meter. The higher-level energy planning of the Home Manager is then no longer given, but the speed of the my-PV power control increases massively. This means for our customers that the excess peaks can now be used much faster and much more precisely for heat generation.

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