January 21, 2020

New compatibility partner - EATON charging stations

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EATON, one of the leading suppliers of charging stations, is the new compatibility partner for my-PV products


We are pleased to welcome EATON as a further compatibility partner for electric mobility. The E-car function completes the concept of a fully photovoltaic powered residential building, which does not require petrol, heating oil or fossil fuels. Thanks to this functionality, the home's own photovoltaic electricity can be stored, used for hot water or heating, or used to charge the electric car. In this way, it is possible to take almost all of the solar electricity and use it yourself.


Customers decide for themselves how to use their solar power.

Customers can set the PV output at which the energy is no longer to be used for other electrical consumers or for heat generation via AC•THOR or AC ELWA-E. They can also decide whether they prefer to charge the electric car rather than generate heat by photovoltaic means. In order to prevent the charging station from switching on and off alternately in the event of short-term power surpluses, they can specify how long the power threshold must at least be exceeded. A minimum operating time can also be set. If solar power is still available after this time, the electric car will continue charging. Customers can also specify how much power the AC•THOR or AC ELWA-E should provide to the charging station and how often it should be activated. It is also possible to define two time windows per day during which the electric car must be charged independently of the photovoltaic surplus.

Here you will find the instructions (German) for combining AC•THOR or AC ELWA-E with EATON charging stations.


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