September 30, 2019

◼ Australian partner wins the Excellence in Sustainability Award

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Our Australian partner wins the Excellence in Sustainability Award for a Commercial Hot water plant in combination with ELWA


The Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards were held in Melbourne at the World Plumbing Conference on the 13th of September 2019. The conference is a triennial event was this year hosted in Melbourne and attended by sanitary and industry professionals from around the world.

Our Australian partner Energy Smart Water teamed up with Commercial Hot Water and Maintenance to install a new concept for hot water in a Commercial application using the MYPV SC20 in Combination with ROTEX tanks and Noritz Condensing gas boilers (MYPV SC20 is a variant of ELWA made for ESW and designed for the use in the ROTEX tanks).

The Project is a 40 Storey Office Tower in CBD Melbourne and the new system installed replaces a system that was old and no longer energy efficient, it consisted of multiple instantaneous units with tanks and a Thermal solar preheat system.

The new system consists of two no. ROTEX tanks, dual coil with two no. Noritz 87Kw condensing boilers along with 2 no. MYPV SC20 DC solar controllers, the operation is simple when the sun comes up we start injecting kilowatts in to ROTEX tanks and when the sun goes down we turn off the system. Wires not pipes, no thermal issues with freezing or over temperature and no moving parts. This system is installed as an off grid system with its own dedicated 4kW array of PV solar panels, as the ring main in the 40 storey building continually pumps water around the flow and return circuit thus loosing energy through ring main losses 24/7 the addition of the SC20 into the design allows us to add the solar yield from the system to assist maintaining part of the ring main loss and reducing the running cost.

The client on this Project has already recorded a cost reduction of 22% in operating costs during the Winter months.


Award 1

Picture: Brydie Anderson and Jon Palfrey from Commercial Hot Water and Maintenance are seen here with Paul Bonsak (centre) from IAPMO receiving the Award.
IAPMO were the sponsors of the excellence in Sustainability Award.


my-PV congratulates its Australian partner on this success and is proud to have contributed to such an innovative design that reduces the carbon footprint providing a cleaner way of making hot water.


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