April 24, 2021

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The customer ought to have contemporarily a new photovoltaic panel that no longer had to struggle with stagnation-like problems as with the solar thermal systems. 

A 9.6 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof, 4-person household and a buffer tank of 1,000 liters: these were the parameters of our reference project based in Germany. Besides, a customer was annoyed by a non-functioning solar thermal system (keyword stagnation problem). The new wish: A contemporary photovoltaic-supported system that focuses on self-use or self-consumption of the excess photovoltaic yields rather than feeding into the grid.

Taking advantage of an already existing 1,000 liters buffer storage tank, the photovoltaic power to heat had to be applied with optimal thermal stratification along with the immersion heaters. The solution was an electrothermal hydraulic unit from Tuxhorn, one of our compatibility partners. This hydraulic unit controls circulation through a variable speed pump and integrated temperature differential logic.

The precise power modulation of where energy is used and when, is handled by the AC-THOR 9s. Only through this intelligent and linear powered photovoltaic power manager makes an electric heat generation suitable for the use of excess solar power. Linear power is therefore especially important because the photovoltaic output is also constantly changing throughout the day.


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