March 10, 2021

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A successful thermo-active building system for our new solar-electric company building demands to have fixed the building services already in the early planning phase.


A solar-electric building requires storage mass to be able to optimally use the daily variation of solar energy. "Thermo-active building system" is the crucial keyword. This must already be taken into account in the early conception phase of the building services planning.

An example of the new company building of my-PV GmbH illustrates this. Appropriate installations are already required when laying foundations, which cannot be made up later. "At the end of February, we installed and laid the electric underfloor heating for thermo-active building system (or concrete core activation) in the future foundation slab, as we are using a new type of system developed by us," explains Managing Director Dr. Gerhard Rimpler. This was then concreted a few days later and can no longer be corrected.

"After all, since our core business focuses on the optimal utilization of the energy generated by photovoltaics in buildings, it is naturally obvious that we give special importance to this aspect in the new construction of our operating site," explains Rimpler.

The 100 kWp photovoltaic system, which will be commissioned on the mono-pitched roof and the facade of the building, provides massive excess energy that can be optimally utilized for thermal storage available in the building. This novel solar-electric concept for a production building was underpinned by simulation models - after all, it is not yet possible to build on existing experience. "But we have a lot of know-how there and are 100% convinced of the solution!" says Rimpler.


A closer look at the laying process

There is also a video with the actual recordings including time-lapse and insights from the installation of the electric underfloor heating in the foundation slab (English subtitles):



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