March 30, 2023

Where does the surplus information come from?

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We are often asked where the surplus information comes from with the AC•THOR, AC ELWA-E or AC ELWA 2? Learn more here.


Where does the surplus information for AC•THOR, AC ELWA-E or AC ELWA 2 come from?


The AC•THOR or the AC ELWA-E or AC ELWA 2 require information about the power that is fed in at the metering point in order to regulate the surplus of the photovoltaic energy.

This comes either from the my-PV WiFi Meter (successor of my-PV Power Meter) or from a compatible energy management system (inverter, smart home or battery storage).

Data is usually transmitted via the local network, however with some partners it is also possible via RS485 (only possible with AC•THOR and AC ELWA 2).


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