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Hot water from photovoltaics

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Simple Clean – Efficient

Hot water from solar energy was previously only known from solar thermal systems. These are relatively complicated and maintenance-intensive systems that work inefficiently, especially in the transitional period and in winter.

On the other hand, photovoltaics is a relatively power generation expensive technology. That's not anymore true today. On the contrary: photovoltaic modules are now much cheaper than thermal collectors.

Today you can produce hot water much cheaper from photovoltaics than with a comparable solar thermal system or with conventional heating systems.

Our principle allows you to use your self-generated solar power in the best possible way in your own home. Because electricity can do a lot - and generating heat works very well - preferably directly.


Tip We call this principle "cables instead of pipes".



hakerl High efficiency through the use of solar energy
hakerl Extremely reliable (no moving parts, low maintenance)
hakerl CO2-friendly, climate-friendly
hakerl Possibility of solar heat utilization in the flat (apartment buildings)
hakerl Easy installation



We have now developed a wide range of products for various applications from this patented technology.

Autonomous without grid-connection: ELWA - grid-connected: AC ELWA-E - our flagship: AC•THOR / AC•THOR 9s



hakerl Detached house
hakerl Townhouse
hakerl Apartment buildings
hakerl Off-grid buildings such as alpine huts
hakerl Completely autonomous
hakerl Grid connected without battery storage
hakerl Grid connected with battery storage


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