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my-PV Power-Coach

my-PV Power-Coach

my-PV Power-Coach

A calculation variant of yours could look like this.

Your personal Power-Coach is now online

Are you asking yourself what the new Power-Coach from my-PV can do for you? You will be amazed how quickly many of your questions regarding the use of photovoltaic energy will be answered, and how you can easily and conveniently gain an overview of cost savings and self- utilization of your self-generated energy.


Is the tool suitable for me?

This tool helps all house builders with an interest in photovoltaics, craftsmen, energy consultants and people who already own a PV system and want to optimize their self consumption.


How can the Power-Coach help me?

The my-PV Power-Coach is designed to give you an helping hand. It is ideal for comparing costs and benefits and helps you to get an overview.

By entering a few parameters (feed-in tariff, electricity rate, tank size, PV power, etc.) you can test and compare different options. You have the possibility to save the individual variants and have them conveniently sent to you as PDF files.


And now try it ... Be surprised how high the self- utilization of your photovoltaic energy can be and as a result how low your energy demand from the power grid will be.

Have fun with your personal Power-Coach von my-PV!


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