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The my-PV Power-Coach at a glance

Our Power-Coach answers many questions regarding the use of photovoltaic energy quickly and easily. The Power-Coach takes into account all four sectors that can be meaningfully covered by photovoltaic systems.

You can find the my-PV Power-Coach video explanation here.


Who is the my-PV Power Coach suitable for?

Our tool is a tool for everyone involved in planning a new photovoltaic system or optimizing an existing one. It does not matter whether you are a private individual, a craftsman or a planner. Our Power-Coach helps everyone who wants to understand how they can use solar power themselves directly at the place where it is generated.


How does the my-PV Power-Coach help?

The my-PV Power-Coach helps with the economic and energetic consideration of a photovoltaic project, regardless of whether a new building or the expansion of an existing PV system is being considered. Our tool not only considers electricity, but also hot water, space heating and electromobility through photovoltaics.

The my-PV Power-Coach is there to help you. It is suitable for comparing costs and benefits and helps you to get an overview. Depending on the type of system selected, the location and other technical parameters (feed-in tariff, purchase tariff, storage size, PV size, etc.), you will immediately receive an evaluation of the degree of self-consumption that can be expected, what that means for the degree of self-sufficiency and, of course, what operating costs can be expected. In addition, you can easily calculate different variants, compare them and have them sent to you as PDF reports by email.


What you can read from the PDF report

You get an overview of the annual PV yield and the energy balance per sector, as well as valuable information about what this means for your self-sufficiency and the degree of self-consumption. There is also an overview of operating costs including the costs for heat and electricity as well as an overview of the required products from my-PV.


Using the my-PV Power-Coach correctly

Our Power-Coach has many details and setting options. We would like to briefly explain what these are and how you can make the best use of them.


  • At the top left you will find the selection menu "System type". Here you can select the type that suits you best. If you do not know exactly what the respective facility type offers, the small info button right next to the drop-down menu will help you.

  • In the drop-down menu "Location", you can select the location of your property – worldwide. This way, the irradiation values of the respective location are taken into account.

  • At the top right, you can select the size of the system. You can also set the orientation and inclination here.

  • In the center of the Power-Coach you will find controls for the number of persons, living space and the heating requirement of your household. The correct setting of these points is essential, as this also influences the other values. The number of persons determines the demand for household electricity and hot water.

  • In the bottom row you will find the setting options for heating costs, storage volume of the hot water tank in the house and any battery storage. The better and more precise you set this information, the more meaningful the data will be in the evaluation in the report.

  • At the bottom right, you can set the current electricity price or the feed-in tariff.

  • The green window on the left is the "result window" of the set parameters. Here you can give the currently calculated variant a name (by clicking on the blue pencil-and-paper symbol) in order to compare them.

  • You can create another variant by clicking on the blue button with the plus sign in this green page field and giving the second calculation another name. Now you can switch between variants 1 and 2 and see how the individual values change. Directly in the buttons of the variants you can then also see the difference of the operating costs to variant 1.

  • The blue button "Show energy chart" takes you to the overview of the current listing of the energy balance based on the displayed parameters. This overview can also be compared using the created variants.

  • In addition, you can also set your electric vehicles with the respective mileage per year on the right-hand side. Please note that vehicle 1 is charged from 6 p.m. onwards (i.e. is not at home during the day) and vehicle 2 is also at home during the day, is charged and thus affects the figures in the green result window.




If you need more instructions on our my-PV Power-Coach, we recommend this recorded webinar, where we show and explain in detail the individual variants and setting options. You will see that you will quickly understand the functionality and be able to use the tool easily and competently on your own.




The system option "hot water directly with solar power" is the only direct current solution from my-PV. All other options relate to grid-connected systems with inverters. An overview of our products can be found here.


FAQ about our Power-Coach


How do you calculate your personal electricity consumption per year?

The quickest answer to this question is the last annual electricity bill. For a better calculation, it works best to use the average of the last 3 years. What is the power consumption in kWh? Has consumption developed in one direction?


How do you calculate the electricity production of a photovoltaic system?

In order for your photovoltaic system to achieve the highest possible degree of self-consumption, it should cover the roof! We know the usual recommendations to produce at least 25% more photovoltaic electricity (and calculate the system accordingly) than you consume over the year. From our perspective, however, these calculations should no longer be used as a guideline!

Get the most out of your roof area, because the demand for electricity in our households will continue to rise, as the past has shown. Your photovoltaic system should therefore be as large as possible, because this is the only way to ensure that you hardly ever have to purchase energy from your electricity provider in the future. In addition, you certainly don't want to get angry at yourself in ten years' time for why you dimensioned your photovoltaic system so small, do you?

In order to answer the question of the electricity production of a PV system, here are a few figures: The conversion from kWh to kWp depends on a number of factors, but there are solid approximations. In an average year in Austria, around 900 to 1,100 kWh of electricity are generated per kWp. This means that a system with 1 kWp can generate around 1,000 kWh of electricity per year.

Due to the detailed setting options in the my-PV Power-Coach, all relevant factors are already taken into account.


Which orientation makes the most sense for a photovoltaic system?

In the past, it was assumed that only south-facing photovoltaic modules with an inclination of 30 degrees provided economically viable yields. Today we know better! East and west-facing roof modules, modules on the side walls or in the facade (90° inclination) and modules on flat north-facing roofs also deliver good yields. Our company location is a good example of the maximum use of roof and facade areas.


Where and how can you calculate how large your own photovoltaic system should be to cover your own needs?

We do not build or plan photovoltaic systems, but we understand that our customers are interested in at least getting some guidance on this point. Our first and most important point: Fill up your roof!

In addition, we can provide the following figures: Our sun provides us with energy for around 1,000 kWh per 5 square meters of photovoltaic modules (per year). A photovoltaic system of 50 square meters thus produces approx. 10,000 kWh/year and thus – in purely mathematical terms – covers the annual electricity requirements of an average family of four by a factor of 2.5.

However, since all the electricity produced cannot be used on site (low degree of self-consumption), solutions should be found that store the energy produced or use it in other ways. Storage media and/or power-to-heat solutions such as those from my-PV are suitable for this.


Do you need a battery storage system to be able to use solar power sensibly?

Since only part of the solar electricity produced during the day can be used immediately and directly and the feed-in tariffs are low, it makes sense to consider a battery storage system. This can significantly increase self-consumption. However, these storage media are still comparatively expensive to purchase. Whether such a power storage system is the right solution for you and what storage capacity you need depends on your personal electricity consumption behaviour.

In our Power-Coach, you can set up a battery storage system with different storage capacities. This gives you an immediate initial assessment of whether and to what extent such a storage medium is worthwhile for you.

Solutions from my-PV can always be either a favourable alternative to normal battery storage or a simple way to expand existing storage capacities at low cost.


How can solar energy be stored and what does really make sense?

Different storage media can be used in a single-family house: Battery storage, hot water storage and building component masses such as the screed. In this context, battery storage usually has a storage capacity of 5 to 10 kWh. This is manageable and expensive, but combined with the products from my-PV it makes perfect sense.

If we use surplus energy from the photovoltaic system to store hot water, this storage capacity increases. With a 300-litre water storage tank, that's around 15 kWh!

If we look at the storage potential of a screed floor in a 120 m² detached house, the storage capacity is around 25 kWh.




my-PV products do not compete with battery storage systems. On the contrary, both solutions complement each other for a maximum degree of self-use. The Power-Coach helps you to put these ratios into figures.

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