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Your photovoltaic system can do more

Your photovoltaic system can not only generate electricity. Increase your self-consumption by solar-electrically covering your hot water and space heating in addition to your own electricity production.The combination of the different possibilities not only increases your self-consumption - you also save a lot of money!

Here we show you the additional possibilities that photovoltaic systems offer in combination with our products.


Electricity with photovoltaics


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Electricity with photovoltaics

An ordinary photovoltaic system provides electricity for your household, especially during the day. Most of it is fed into the grid, because you cannot consume more than 30 % of your self generated electricity.

An alternative is the installation of a battery storage. This is profitable, because the self-use is doubled to about 60 %. The disadvantage is that the price of battery storage systems is still very high.

But how can more electricity be consumed directly from your own roof in your household?



Hot water with photovoltaics


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Hot water with photovoltaics

The simplest of all possibilities: With our patented technology, ELWA, you can use solar power directly and exclusively for hot water. No connection to the grid is required.

Therefore this solution is very inexpensive, quickly implemented and has an immediate amortization.

More information about pure hot water preparation with photovoltaic electricity



Electricity and hot water with photovoltaics


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Electricity and hot water with photovoltaics

Would you like to supply or prepare your electrical consumers and your own hot water with your self generated electricity from the roof? Our AC ELWA-E or our Power-Manager AC•THOR are the intelligent distribution centre for your self-produced electricity from the roof.
Depending on the output of the photovoltaic system, this is used either for electricity or for heating the water - and this is linear powered. In this way you increase the self-consumption of the photovoltaic electricity up to 70%. This significantly raises the economic efficiency.

Further information on electricity and hot water with photovoltaics



Electricity, hot water and heating with photovoltaics


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Electricity, hot water and heating with photovoltaics

In well-insulated houses (= heating requirement per m² and year <50 kWh), the space heating can also be covered by photovoltaics.
Of course, you do not have to do without having the electricity and hot water requirements covered by the photovoltaic system.

Your advantage: An electric heating system, with electricity from the photovoltaic system, saves enormous investment costs! The operating costs are also reduced by up to 30% compared to conventional heating systems.

Further information about heating with photovoltaics.



Electricity, hot water, heating  and electric car with photovoltaics


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Electricity, hot water, heating and electric car with photovoltaics

Roughly calculated, two electric cars need about as much energy as your electrical consumers, your hot water supply or your electric heating.
With our intelligent and linear Power Manager AC•THOR you can charge your electric car according to the energy supply of your photovoltaic system.
This way you use even more solar energy and your EV becomes even more environmentally friendly.


Tip If you look at the overall energy consumption of a family in a well-insulated house, there is a total of 4 areas that can be supplied with PV energy. These are about the same size.


Short video "Your PV-system can do much more"

This short and informative video. will show you how much more your photovoltaic system can do.


Which solution do you prefer? Do you need help with the calculation? Please contact one of our experts with your request: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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