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Your photovoltaic system can do more

If you own or want to install a photovoltaic system, you probably want to use your self-generated electricity as much as possible. Conventional photovoltaic systems only supply the consumers during the day.

We show you additional possibilities that photovoltaic systems in combination with our solutions offer.




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Electricity with photovoltaics

An ordinary photovoltaic system supplies electricity consumption and excess energy is fed into the grid. The self-consumption of such systems is rarely more than 30 %.

In addition, the installation of a battery storage is possible. With battery storage it is possible to increase your self-consumption to 60 %, but the price for battery systems is still very high.




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Hot water with photovoltaics

The simplest of all possibilities: With our patented technology, you can use solar power directly and exclusively for hot water. No connection to the power grid is required.

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Electricity and hot water with photovoltaics

With our linearly controlled electric heat generator AC ELWA-E or our Power Manager AC•THOR you can also heat hot water easily and inexpensively with your photovoltaic electricity. The low additional investment improves the economic efficiency of your photovoltaic system. The self-consumption increases up to 70 % and more.

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Electricity, hot water and electric car with photovoltaics

Roughly speaking, an electric car needs about as much energy as your electricity consumption or your hot water preparation (16 kWh / 100 km x 25,000 km = 4,000 kWh per year). With our technology you can load your electric car according to the energy supply of your photovoltaic system. This allows you to use even more solar energy. Your electric car will be even more environmentally friendly!



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Electricity, hot water and heating with photovoltaics

With well insulated houses (<50 kWh heat energy demand per m² and year), it is also possible to operate the space heating electrically.

This saves enormously on the investment costs for your heating system and on operating costs as well (up to 30 % less than with conventional heating systems).

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Of course, this also works in combination with your electric car.


Tip If you look at the total energy consumption of a family in a well-insulated house, there is a total of 4 areas that can be supplied with PV energy. These are about the same size.


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