AC ELWA-E: Use solar power for hot water and maximise your self-consumption


AC ELWA-E is a 0 - 3 kW linearly controlled water heating device for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. It uses excess PV energy for hot water heating and thus optimizes the self-consumption of the system. The linear control of the power sets the PV feed-in power to zero.

The AC ELWA-E also has our proven hot water boost-backup function: if the sun does not seem to be enough, the hot water can optionally be heated to the desired temperature by using energy from the public power grid. It can be installed in hot water boilers and buffer storages.


Tip Grid-connected PV systems achieve an average of only 30 % self-consumption. In a typical household (5 kWp PV system), self-consumption with the AC ELWA-E can easily be increased up to 75 %.


Would you like a short introduction to AC ELWA-E?

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AC ELWA-E in combination with my-PV WiFi Meter

In combination with my-PV WiFi Meter, the AC ELWA-E uses only excess energy from your photovoltaic system. The heat output is linearly controlled so that no energy is fed into the grid and your self-consumption increases significantly.

Further information about my-PV WiFi Meter.

AC ELWA-E in combination with battery storage

AC ELWA-E is compatible with many commercially available battery storage systems. Thereby it takes into account the optimal use of photovoltaic energy.

AC ELWA E Kilowatt Ueberschuss 2

The battery storage is always charged first. As soon as the battery is full, the AC ELWA-E takes over the storage of the surplus energy in the form of hot water. No surplus is fed into the grid in the process. Water is the cheapest form of storage and complements chemical storage batteries perfectly.

Click here for the compatible manufacturers.


AC ELWA-E in combination with Smart Home

Thanks to its flexible control, AC ELWA-E also communicates with smart home and energy management systems. The control is then carried out by the smart home system. As a result, even complex controls with consumer priority regulations can be realized.

In apartment buildings, we realize systems with a huge number of devices on this basis. Remote monitoring and energy billing at the apartment level are possible.

Click here for the compatible manufacturers.

Tip Here are the projects, that we have implemented with innovative partners.


Advantages of AC ELWA-E

  • Self-consumption increases significantly

  • Easy communication via network cable or powerline

  • Heating power is linearly controlled

  • Practically no energy is fed into the grid

  • Installation in hot water boilers and buffer storage possible

  • Flexible control by various inverters, battery systems and Smart Homes

Tip With our my-PV Power-Coach you can easily and quickly get a personal analysis of your system.


Technical data

Heating power 0 - 3,000 W, HF clocked, sinusoidal current consumption
Mains connection Single-phase, grounded plug, 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Protection clas IP21
Connecting cabl approx. 3 m
Dimensions (WxHxD) 130 x 180 x 600 mm with heating element
Heater lengh 45 cm
Immersion heater connection 1 1/2 Zoll


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