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Self-sufficient water heating in summer in the Mostviertel

Our new reference from Mostviertel shows how easy it is to save energy with self-sufficient heating in summer. 



Builder: Alois Ellinger
Construction type: Renovation multi-family home
Construction year: 1990
Square footage: 270  m
Photovoltaic performance: 1,2 kWp, Orientation of the roof towards south, 36°

Heat storage size: Boiler 300 litres

my-PV product in use: ELWA


Customer declaration

In the Mostviertel, a region in Lower Austria, our customer, Mr. Alois Ellinger, can now use his self-generated solar power for hot water preparation. With the help of the my-PV device ELWA, the maximum energy output of the photovoltaic system on the south-facing roof of the house can be extracted. The hot water requirement for the five residents of the renovated multi-family house, built in 1990, can be covered in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

While searching for an alternative to solar thermal energy, our customer came across the my-PV product ELWA for hot water preparation. With the help of the ELWA, Mr. Ellinger can benefit from the solar energy of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the apartment building directly and without detours. This is because the solar power generated is used solely by the ELWA to heat water in the newly installed 300 l boiler. The hot water demand of the 5-person household is thus efficiently secured and during the cold season, ELWA supports the conventional heating system for the preparation of hot water. 

A week after the installation, my-PV already received positive feedback from Mr. Ellinger. On the first day of commissioning, it was possible to benefit from the power of the sun and the boiler was heated from 38° to 59° C. The Lower Austrian is enthusiastic about the concept of my-PV and is already considering expanding his photovoltaic system to be able to use even more solar power for heating water.


Personal customer opinion + resume

„I think your concept is quite good. I know your products and also the explanatory video ELWA. Thumbs up!“

A further expansion stage is already being planned or considered due to the efficiency of the concept.

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