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Photovoltaic heat for agriculture

Near Munich, an AC•THOR 9s and a 9 kW screw-in heater have been in operation on the agricultural and commercial farm of the Lachmayr family since November 2021 to additionally heat the 2,000 liter buffer tank with the photovoltaic surplus. Additionally, because a connected combined heat and power plant (CHP) also heats this large buffer tank.



Client/Planner Client: Family Lachmayr (agriculture and business company)
Planner: Solarenner GmbH
Type of building: Existing building, new installation of a photovoltaic system
Photovoltaic power, orientation: 16,6 kWp, south, 9 kWh battery storage

Heat storage size: 2,000 liters buffer storage with connected combined heat and power plant (CHP)
Used my-PV product + benefit AC•THOR 9s, operating mode M1 hot water
my-PV immersion heater 9 kW
System control by/with Q CELLS inverter (produced by SolaX)
Control type for my-PV control: SolaX (Modbus RTU)


Customer statement


How did you get to my-PV?

The company Solarenner GmbH from the Bavarian Eresing near Munich uses the solutions of my-PV already for quite some time in different projects. For the project of family Lachmayr therefore it was quite automatic that also here devices from Neuzeug in Upper Austria were used.


Obstacles/special features during setup?

Thanks to the system openness of my-PV, it was possible to do without the my-PV Power Meter, because the excess information comes from the inverter. However, the control by SolaX was practically implemented by my-PV for the very first time. Shortly before the compatibility in the brand-new test laboratory of the enterprise had been tested and certified. Thereby also the combination with a battery is possible.


Short explanation of the system - what is to be mentioned?

Since the Lachmayr family also runs a farm in addition to their personal heating needs for hot water and heating, the demand for heat is naturally very high. The 2,000 liter heating buffer had already previously served as a heat storage tank for an existing combined heat and power unit (CHP). Thanks to the standard connection thread on the my-PV screw-in heating element, however, it could be installed in the storage tank already in use without any problems. In this 2,000 liter heating buffer, the screw-in heater now simply releases heat from a second energy source as soon as the battery is fully charged and PV excess is available.


Will hot water securing be used with grid power?

In this project, only surplus from the PV system is used for additional heating of the large hot water tank - thus hot water securing with grid power is unnecessary.


The project was implemented very well and quickly. Thanks to the good technical service of my-PV in combination with the Q CELLS inverter, which is produced by SolaX, a smooth commissioning was possible.  


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