Soccer club SV Sierning

We donate hot water for SV Sierning

For SV Sierning, the local soccer club in our home municipality, we have sponsored our hot water solution by photovoltaic power - with enormous success in solar coverage!



Client/Planner: Sports club SV Sierning, Upper Austria
Type of building: The club house is an existing building
Photovoltaic power, orientation: 15 kWp, south, 10° inclination
Heat storage size: 1,000 liters buffer storage with fresh water module and building heating system
-    backup by gas boiler
Used my-PV product: AC•THOR 9s, hot water + PWM (operation mode M7)
System control by/with: my-PV Power Meter


Customer statement

A soccer club naturally has a high hot water consumption. Even tough kickers look forward to a hot shower after a match or training session. The soccer field of SV Sierning is located in the immediate vicinity of my-PV's new company location. However, because the field is usually only in use in the evenings or on weekends, it quickly became clear after the installation of a 15 kWp photovoltaic system that the degree of self-consumption in the club building would be very low. So how could the large amounts of PV excess not be fed unprofitably into the power grid, but be put to good use on site? The solution was obvious: Adapt the 1,000 liter buffer storage tank for charging with photovoltaic heat, thereby directly relieving the existing gas boiler. This helps the environment and saves the association money. Thus, not only the hot water is produced photovoltaically for the most part of the year, but also the water-controlled building heating is supported.

However, in order to be able to immediately provide the desired comfort temperature at the fresh water module even with the smallest surplus quantities, it was decided - instead of normal heating rods - to introduce heat via an external heat exchanger. This was built in-house and the 9 kW screw-in heating element from my-PV was installed in it. The stepless power control of the radiator is done as usual by the AC•THOR 9s. In the M7 operating mode, however, it is also able to precisely control the speed of a Wilo heating pump. As a result, the amount of hot water conveyed from the heat exchanger into the buffer is always precisely metered and a thermally ideal charging of the storage tank is ensured.

Immediately after the implementation of the measure at the end of September 2021, noteworthy PV heat yields were already achieved. Thus, SV Sierning is well prepared for 2022 - with clean and renewable energy from its own roof, which can be used immediately in the shower after successful games.


Warm water demand mainly in summer or in the months with good photovoltaic yields, a high warm water demand in quite fixed intervals and little own use of the photovoltaic system during the week: these are the perfect conditions for a solar-electric implementation of the hot water supply. Thanks to the AC•THOR 9s, it was possible to save over 6300 kWh of natural gas from January to mid-November 2022!


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