November 2, 2022

Compatibility manual with Kostal

my-PV GmbH

As a system-open manufacturer, we follow the philosophy that other manufacturers can also control our products. We are therefore always happy to provide our communication protocols/APIs.

The main benefit of combining the my-PV products with Kostal is that my-PV receives the excess power information for the Kostal system. In the case of Kostal Plenticore or Kostal Smart Energy Meter, everything is preset for you.

The setting for Kostal on AC ELWA-E can be easily picked from the web interface. With AC•THOR and the AC•THOR 9s, this can be done even more conveniently via the display.

To make things easier the integration manual is available in English & Spanish language, which also includes an introduction to my-PV at the beginning.


Click here for the English manual.

Click here for the Spanish manual.  


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