January 24, 2023

We are expanding our production!

my-PV GmbH

Our solar-electric company building, newly built in 2021, is becoming too small: we are expanding and creating more space for our production, and that in close proximity.

Uninterrupted growth, the strong demand for our solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption and the growth in the number of our employees lead to a necessary expansion of our construction capacities.

The biggest bottleneck is in production and in the necessary premises, even if this area – when moving into the company building in September 2021 – seemed to be too big. In the meantime, we have also reached the limits of the current production hall here, which is why we searched and found an expansion option close to our current production site.

Milestones and deadlines

The starting signal was given at the beginning of the year, and the conversion and associated work has been ongoing since January 10th. In spring, or more precisely in March, production should already be taking place in the newly adapted premises. The tight schedule requires a well-coordinated team.

Our colleagues who are moving from the cozy atmosphere of the solar-electric company building to the new extension will find just as comfortable wood panelling and an ambience there.

Ergonomically optimized, height-adjustable tables will be available everywhere (in the office and in production), which will also make my-PV appear attractive as an employer for future employees.

Will there be a production stop?

There will be no interruption in production during the entire reconstruction and the transfer of production to the new production site. The new production lines are set up in parallel in the new production hall, and the existing ones are also used for full production right up to the last day. A move – without interrupting production – can be implemented in the best possible way.

Our managing director Dr. Gerhard Rimpler explains the background: "The dynamics of the market are extraordinary due to the shifts in fossil energy prices. Photovoltaics is no longer a technology for insiders, but for the masses. The area of ​​PV heat has gained additional importance, so an expansion of the company is the logical consequence. And that just over a year after the opening of our award-winning new building.”

From time to time, our customers can get updates on the status of the conversion on our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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