February 9, 2023

Hot water from photovoltaics for the employees

my-PV GmbH

A Czech manufacturer of measurement technology secures the hot water requirements of around 15 employees with the photovoltaic heating solutions from my-PV.

Comac Cal s.r.o relies in its newly built company building in the east of the Czech Republic on my-PV products and supplies the employee showers with hot water. Three AC•THORs and the my-PV Power Meter are hereby in use. Similar to other European countries, the feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic energy in the Czech Republic are low. The more efficient and above all more economical option is to increase the self-consumption of the self-generated PV energy instead of feeding the excess solar energy into the grid. With the products from my-PV, photovoltaic energy can be used to generate electricity, hot water and heat.

That was precisely the aim of the Czech company, namely to feed as little electricity as possible into the grid and to cover the hot water requirement with solar electricity.

Three AC•THORs are in use in the company building to prepare the hot water for the showers in the company's production hall with the self-generated PV power.


Special challenges in the Czech Network

The three single-phase AC•THORs are each connected to a heating element, as the Czech power grid requires regulation of each phase. In the Czech 3-phase grid, each phase (L1, L2, L3) is billed separately in terms of demand and supply of electrical energy and used according to phase measurement methods. With each AC•THOR's linear power regulation from 0 to 3,000 W, every excess watt is immediately and efficiently distributed.

Our devices can be used flexibly in different countries with different requirements, as our last reference project from Belgium shows.


The customer opinion

The customer is extremely satisfied with his system. Thanks to the AC•THORs in this application, every watt that is produced with PV electricity and used for heating water pays off, since the self-generated PV electricity would otherwise have been fed into the power grid at an extremely low feed-in tariff.


More information about the project can be found here. 


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