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Positive feedback as motivation

Receiving positive feedback on our products and service boosts our motivation in the organization even more – we are happy with our customers about their achievements.

We would like to share some meaningful reviews that have reached us in the last few weeks.

More and more people are becoming aware of the clear advantages of alternative forms of heat supply for water heating and heating, especially in times of rising energy prices. Our customers perceive the significant difference that arises from increased self-consumption of photovoltaic energy.

This is how Markus Ursprung compares my-PV products to conventional heat pumps after a year of commissioning and operation:

"If you have enough space available, thenlarger photovoltaic systems with the solutions from my-PV are cheaper and easier to service than a heat pump."

Roger D. from Switzerland also notices that the time has come for a changeover:

"If the feed-in tariffs continue to fall in Switzerland as well, the use of my-PV devices will become more and more interesting. I amwell equipped for the electric future."

More information about this reference project can be found here.

Another customer has also switched completely to electric heating. We have received a comment by Dappdruff on ourshort introduction video of AC ELWA-E:

"Although I've only been using the heating element for a week, I would like to say something about it because I'm more than enthusiastic about AC ELWA-E. AC ELWA-E is attached to a 6.6 kWp system with SMA technology, integrated into the overall network via Ethernet and mounted in a horizontal 130 Ll DHW tank. I turned off my oil heating because AC ELWA-E always has enough power available to generate hot water (otherwise hot water backup). (...) All in all a great device and I hope that it will be able to do its job reliably in the next years. Absolute recommendation for anyone who wants to generate more self-consumption and who seeks less effort with regard to installation."

Benefits in the agricultural sector

Our products are not only used by individuals, but also on a larger scale. Christoph Günther from Osterhofen in Germany is a farmer and uses ELWA to heat the service water heating for his living space. The benefits for his operation are numerous:

"I am very satisfied with the system and see several advantages right away:No registration according to the EEG, lower investment costscompared to thermal solar collectors, theheatingof the service water also works whenthe sky is overcast, electricity is already available at low brightness andno technical maintenanceis required.”

In a Swiss multi-generation house, the photovoltaic yield of the summer is taken into winter – with a 100,000 liter hot water tank and five AC•THOR 9s. The client Markus Ursprung is convinced of the use of AC•THOR 9s:

“In order to calculate the exact energy content of the water tank, I measure the temperature at every level. I connected 4 temperature sensors to each AC•THOR 9s. The PV power often fluctuates between 20 kW and 60 kW; and it is precisely these fluctuations that AC•THOR 9s can take over.What other consumer can handle such fluctuations in performance?”

Peter Brandstötter from Upper Austria talks about using ELWA:

“First of all I liked thesimple installation of ELWA. Now I think it's great that this solution is also completely maintenance-free. In the meantime I also have the USB interface from my-PV. This allows me to call up data and check the PV heat yield and the temperature profile. If I ask my neighbour with a thermal solar system on changeable days whether his collectors have delivered something, he says no. While my ELWA has generated 4 kWh of heat even with an overcast sky. This is simply aningenious solution!”

Thanks to our support team Proper teamwork and internal coordination is required to process our customers' concerns as quickly as possible. At this point, we must commend our support staff, because we regularly receive positive customer feedback on this.

For example, the expectations of Matthias K., who had to contact our customer service due to a technical problem, were exceeded:

"Thank you for your commitment. I have to admit that I am positively surprised. Due to many negative experiences with other companies, banks, etc., I did not expect a remedy. You can be proud to stand out so clearly from the average. Not only your service, also your product is well made.”

Whatever the problem, our customer service is here to help. This is how Dieter K. from Bavaria thanks the support:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding and exemplary customer service. The replacement sensor has meanwhile arrived and been installed. Everything works perfectly again.”

If you are satisfied with our products and service, please leave a positive review on Google at this link:


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