Reference project Attwengerhof

Photovoltaic heat for holidays at the farm

Photovoltaic surplus for heat preparation at a scenic family-owned farm in Salzkammergut.

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my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof

How did you come to my-PV?

Family Wolfsgruber was looking for a way not to feed excess photovoltaic energy into the grid, but to use it directly for the operation of the farm instead, including residential buildings. “Full feed-in was never the goal,” explains Stefan Wolfsgruber, pointing out the greatest possible self-sufficiency for operating his farm. At the same time, the existing biomass heating should be relieved as much as possible in order to protect the life of the boiler. Precisely these needs can be perfectly met with the solutions from my-PV.

Persons in the household – hot water needs etc.?

Stephan and Nina Wolfsgruber live at the farm together with their three children and Stephan's parents. In addition, there is a heat requirement for hot water and heating for five holiday apartments and two further residential units, which are connected to the buffer storage tank via a small local heating network. Overall, the heat requirement is immense. Unfortunately, even with a 40 kWp PV system and an 18 kW heating solution from my-PV, it is not possible to switch off the heating in summer, as it could easily be done in a one- or two-family house, for example. The benefit at the Attwengerhof in Traunkirchen lies in the relief and protection of the wood chip boiler, as well as in increased self-sufficiency and higher self-consumption.

Is a hot water backup with mains power used?

The biomass heating is in operation all year round. During the summer months, however, the boiler is only fired up in the late afternoon to give the system the opportunity to load the storage tank with photovoltaic heat during the day and not to block any storage reserves.

Opinión personal del cliente y resumen

Due to the advanced age and the many full-load hours of the wood chip system in winter, the operators are now happy about the possibility to relieve their boiler and to extend the service life of the heating system. Stephan Wolfsgruber's advice is: "Anyone who has the opportunity to install a photovoltaic system on their roof should do so." In his opinion, today's farmer is also an energy farmer and it is important to use what nature gives us in order to do something good for nature in turn!

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The owner's experiences with my-PV

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my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof
my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof
my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof
my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof

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