Magnum Pl, Minto, Australien

Suprima Bakeries in Australia

2 x ELWA for hot water

Datos sobre el proyecto

PV system
Hot water boiler
my-PV Roof Solar

Project summary

  • Hot water demand: approx. 4,600 L/day

  • Solar yield as expected: performing above average during winter due to the 45 degree tilt frames

  • Both ROTEX tanks balanced in temperature and solar input

  • High constant temperatures for process heat maintained across the period

  • No AC-Boost backup used!

  • Expected Solar Savings of AU$1,560/year (961 Euro, AU$0.29/kWh considered)

ELWA Produktdetails

  • 0 – 2,000 W linear power control

  • Target temperature adjustable with rotary knob

  • Even works during grid blackouts

  • For water tanks with capacities of 100 – 1,000 litre

  • Internal consumption 2 W

  • Efficiency ratio >99 % at nominal capacity

  • Optional boost backup 750 W

my-PV Roof Solar
Suprima Bakery my-PV
Suprima Bakery After 2 my-PV

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