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my-PV WiFi Meter instead of my-PV Power Meter

Material shortage, supply bottlenecks, delays and price increases are affecting many industries. my-PV as well has to deal with material shortage and unfortunately this also concerns the my-PV Power Meter. For this reason, we have to cancel this product.

However, there is something positive in every loss. We can offer a successor, developed according to the state-of-the-art, the my-PV WiFi Meter. Beyond the known benefits, the new product provides a variety of new possibilities.

By default, the scope of delivery now includes 75 A current transformers instead of the prior 60 A current transformers. In addition to that, our new my-PV WiFi Meter does not require ethernet cable anymore. Instead, it can be directly incorporated in the house network via WiFi connection. The advantage of this feature is that connections from the meter cabinet to the router can be completely wireless.In order to send the signals from the meter cabinet, which is usually made of metal, and to reach the desired objective, standardly an antenna with a cable of 1m length is already included in the delivery.

Both, functionality and view in the my-PV.LIVE Cloud stay the same as with the previous my-PV Power Meter. This way we ensure a smooth changeover for our customers.

We consider the new my-PV WiFi Meter to be a guardian of the electricity flow of the photovoltaic system, which ensures an optimal usage. From now on, the three-phase my-PV WiFi Meter replaces the original my-PV Power Meter.

And finally, the most important point, especially during times like these: There is no change in terms of price. The my-PV WiFi Meter is charged with the same end user price as the previous my-PV Power Meter.

Further information on the new my-PV WiFi Meter is available in the data sheet.

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