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Winner of the Energy Globe Award Upper Austria

The Upper Austria edition of the Energy Globe Award 2022 featured over 40 high-quality and innovative projects. The prize was awarded in these categories: earth, fire, air, water and youth. At the online ceremony, the winners of the individual categories were announced by Provincial Governor Manfred Haimbuchner, Provincial Councillor Markus Achleitner, Provincial Councillor Stefan Kaineder, Energie AG General Director Werner Steinecker and master builder Wolfgang Holzhaider.

Winner in the category Earth!

Our solar-electric company building is the regional winner in Upper Austria in the "Earth" category! We were awarded the Energy Globe 2022 Upper Austria for our solar-electric company building which efficiently uses the power of the sun for heating. With electric heating cables integrated into the concrete core, the photovoltaic surplus can be used to heat the building during the day: The concrete core acts as a daytime storage tank and then releases the heat. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round, even though the building services were implemented purely electrically – and even mostly solar electric.

The photovoltaic yields are therefore only converted into heat where they are needed. The technology also serves the grid: The huge heat storage system balances out the power peaks and does not feed them into the grid, but consumes or uses them directly.

This also has an economic advantage: The solar-electric company building, which is unique in the world, is self-sufficient in energy even in the winter months ! With negative operating costs – contrary to the current price trend – a sustainable and economical operation of a company building is possible!

The award ceremony for the Energy Globe 2022 Upper Austria can be viewed here at any time.

Public voting for the national competition Energy Globe Autria 2022

Until 30 September you can vote for our company building on the website of the Energy Globe Austria 2022 . Again, there are five categories.

We are looking forward to your vote!

The award ceremony of the Energy Globe Austria 2022 will take place on 7 October 2022 at 6:30 pm - again purely virtually at this link.

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