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With great anticipation, we officially announce: my-PV has something big in store again!

Be there live: "Next Step," our next major undertaking, is ready to go!

Curious about what lies behind our project "Next Step"? Perhaps the teaser video provides a first hint.



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Registration for the Live Event

On June 13, 2024, at 5:00 PM, we will unveil the mystery behind "Next Step" in a live event. Secure your spot for the livestream of the online event now and be among the first to learn the news. By registering for free, you will not only receive exclusive information in advance but also a reminder in your calendar to ensure you don't miss the live event.

Giveaway among all registered participants

As an additional highlight, we will raffle off two of the news items that will be presented for the first time at the live event among all registered participants!

Register now and be live on June 13, in the spirit of the upcoming European Football Championship!

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