February 18, 2021

◼  184,000 new photovoltaic systems

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In Germany, a total of almost five gigawatts were newly installed in 2020. There was a record increase in the number of new installations, particularly among private homeowners - which means the direction is right.

Overall, the increase in newly installed photovoltaic capacity was around 27 percent compared to the expansion in 2019. A good increase, but with room for improvement, considering the ambitious goals of the German government for the expansion of renewable energy sources.

But the development among homeowners in 2020 has been particularly good. Here, the industry association BSW recorded an increase of 99 percent compared to 2019, i.e. a doubling of demand. This is noteworthy, as there is now an increased opportunity on private house roofs to generate their own solar power - and also to consume it right away themselves!

Significantly increased environmental awareness, a striving of many homeowners for more independence, significantly lower photovoltaic technology prices and an increasing switch to electric mobility are the reasons for the boom among homeowners. Rising electricity prices, as recently reported, will further exacerbate this trend.

The 10 kWp limit has also fallen, creating a bright future for homeowners. Since the new edition of the EEG, it is now also possible to place photovoltaic systems of up to 30 kWp on one's own roof without the so-called "solar tax". This in turn increases the flexibility to simplify other areas of home technology through electrical supply, such as the preparation of hot water or even electric space heating or heating.

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