18. Oktober 2021

◼ The ELWA only flashes green, but never heats

How to proceed if the ELWA always flashes green but never heats?


The ELWA is configured at the factory for operation as a single device or in stratified charging mode as an upper device.
Probably the shift setting was unintentionally changed to "down" in setup mode.


Tip This setting has nothing to do with the spatial installation position (for example in the lower storage area), but concerns shift operation with two ELWAs.

Knob setting

Simply put the ELWA back into setup mode (see installation and operating instructions) and correct the incorrect setting.



TIP: If you have a "USB-Interface" from my-PV, then you can of course correct this setting via software!



By the way, in the software the setting "below" looks like this (language selection English):

ELWA Software. This software is available for download free of charge.

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